After the first contact with the Korubo in 1996 I returned several times to Javari valley and terminated in 1999 a 52 minute documentary film for Discovery Channel US and Docstar France, covering the Korubo people, from the inital contact until the dawn of the new millennium.

I recorded the film FIRST CONTACT in 1999 which was broadcast by French channel La Cinquième on Friday 8 September, 2000 and by Discovery US on evening Easter Sunday April 23 the same year.

The most important sequences were my archive shots from the first contact taken years before the final edit. The rest were recordings I made according to my own plans of narration on the field. Surprisingly the film was presented as "written and directed by Richard Wawman". The producer who was only three days on the field during my recordings gave himself very generous credits.

Before the final version of FIRST CONTACT was edited I was back in the rainforest recording and directing the COCAINE TRIANGLE.

In my absence a speaker text was added to the film for dramatic effects without corresponding to real events. The end result is that the film is not a truthful reflection of what really happened.

I co-produced another documentary film on the Korubo expedition with Les Films du Village and Image Dimension, broadcast by documentary channel Planète under the French title l'Amazonie - la guerre de l'ombre'' and ''Jungle Club'' in English.

I covered all recording expenses during five months in the jungle. But I was never paid my contractual share from the French production company Les Films du Village who sold the film for broadcast in several countries in Europe.

A 25 minute version of JUNGLE CLUB was edited for Swedish television SVT, Channel 2 in the ecological magazine E-fekt on June, 1998. The chief editor, Dag Jonzon, gave a strong support and his slot had an all-time record viewing for the TV magazine, reaching more than one million viewers (of a total national population of nine million).

My 25 minute version was awared first price as BEST FOREIGN FILM at the environment film festival competition in Prague, 1999.