Sydney Possuelo

- a lifetime on the expedition trail

to protect the last isolated indigenous people

Copyright: Erling Söderström 1996. All reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden.

sydney 001.jpg
with Awa Guaja 1990.jpg

sydney 002.jpg
Awa Guaja

sydney 004.jpg
1996 Korubo expedition
sydney 007.jpg
1990 Awa Guaja village
sydney 008.jpg
2001 Ajuricaba expedition tracing Flecheiros
sydney 015.jpg
At home with foto of wounded sertanista Afonso Alves
sydney 019.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 020.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition
sydney 021.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition
sydney 023.jpg
with Korubo and Matis Indians in year 2000
sydney 025.jpg
Patrolling Itacoai River in Javari valley
sydney 026.jpg
Quixito expedition 1999 searching for "Maya" isolated indians
sydney 027.jpg
with Korubo warrior Takpan, who killed Sobral Magalhaes

sydney 029.jpg

Itui river 2000

sydney 030.jpg
In Tabatinga Office
sydney 031.jpg
First contact with Korubo October 1996
sydney 032.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition 2001
sydney 033.jpg
Morocco 1998, a day before a near fatal accident
sydney 034.jpg
In FUNAI office Brasilia
sydney 036.jpg
1990 Awa Guaja village
sydney 037.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 039.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 040.jpg
Korubo village 2000
sydney 041.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 042.jpg
Quixito expedition 1999
sydney 043.jpg
Showing walkie-Talkie to Shishun Korubo 2002
sydney 044.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 045.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition 2001
sydney 049.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition, tracing "Flecheiros" 2001
sydney 050.jpg
Quixito expedition 1999
sydney 051.jpg
Quixito expedition 1999
sydney 052.jpg
With Matis assistant on Javari vigilance outpost 2000
sydney 053.jpg
Ajuricaba expedition 2001
sydney 054.jpg
Patrolling Quixito river 2000
sydney 055.jpg
with indigenous assistant Bina Matis 1999
sydney 056.jpg
Health visit Korubo village 2000
sydney 057.jpg
Korubo expedition 1996
sydney 058.jpg
With Maia Korubo 1999
sydney 059.jpg
Preparing 1996 Korubo expedition.jpg
sydney 061.jpg
1996 Korubo expedition with Matis. Before first contact, in camp near Korubo village
sydney 062.jpg
Korubo village 1999.jpg
sydney 063.jpg
Korubo village 1999.jpg
sydney 064.jpg
Dancing with Korubo 1999.jpg
sydney 066.jpg
Quixito expedition 1999
sydney 070.jpg
International symposium Belem 2005
sydney 088.jpg
With Jane Goodall in Paris Jules Verne festival 2004

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